BEST LLN Courses in Summer 2023: Getting the Earth into your laptop

Can you explain why claims about climate change can be made given that the weather is unpredictable beyond 10 days? Are you sure about how the greenhouse gas effect works? And more importantly, do you know how this was known, why this happened and how the ongoing climate change compares to the past ones ? Those are the questions that the cours will try to tackle, with the final objective being a seasonal prediction for the Arctic sea !

As crazy as the course is, it takes place in a even crazier city: Louvain-la-Neuve, the BEST city of Belgium. Being a city created for students, you’ll meet incredible people, visit beautiful places, eat amazin belgian cuisine, and last but not least, take part in the most craziest (yes, MOST CRAZIEST) parties of your life!

Let’s recap everything so you can explain to your friend why you’ve made the BEST choice:

  • You’ll learn how to predict weather, understand climate and its changes, and be little experts on climate which is so relevant today
  • You’ll learn the history of Earth through its climate, how we model it, and how we have been able to reconstruct it
  • Taste BELGIAN fries, waffles, and chocolate – Meet the amazing people of Louvian-la-Neuve
  • Party like there’s no tomorrow everyday (but still being fresh enough for class)
  • Did we spoke already about tasting the best fries and chocolate in the entire world ? Don’t wait any further !

Write your motivation letter, and see you in Louvain-la-Neuve !!!

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