EBEC 2021-2022


Thanks to our partners we have been able to organise two EBEC preliminaries and a local round this year !

What is an EBEC ?

L’European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is the biggest engineering competition in Europe. It has been created by students for students and it’s a hundred percent free, EBECs are divided in two challenges:

  • The Case Study  where teams are asked to think about a possible solution about a real problem within a limited time span.
  • 2) le Team Design / Innovative Design where participants are asked to use their creativity and knowledge in order to build a functionnal prototype or being able to describe every technical specification for a prototype.

EBEC has three rounds :

  • 1Le Local Round (LR) that takes places in Louvain-la-Neuve.
  • Both of the best teams from LR are selected for the National and the Regional Round (NRR) that take place in a university of the BeNeLux.

The Final Round will take every best teams from every NRR and can take place in numerous university that are members of BEST.

A ces 3 round nous ajoutons aussi un round de présélections pour accéder au Local Round : les « Preliminaries Round »

Au cours de l’ensemble de ces événements de nombreuses récompenses sont offertes aux gagnants des différentes épreuves. Des repas et boissons sont aussi offerts à toutes les équipes durant toute la durée de la compétition.