Our partners


On November 20, during the second day of EBEC Preliminaries 2021, N-SIDE will present a Case Study challenge to participants!
N-SIDE is a Walloon company with an international presence in the field of decision-making optimization in the life sciences and energy management sectors. Their team of innovative engineers, computer scientists and business experts from around the world have one goal, to solve the most complex problems in order to build a healthy and sustainable world. 🌱
It is with great pleasure that we collaborate for the creation of this event with N-SIDE with whom BEST shares many values. 💫


BEST Louvain-la-Neuve is back and this start of the second term is marked by the local round of the EBEC! And to support us in the creation of this event, we can count on the CYLIX group, which is our global partner for this round of the competition.🤝
With advanced skills in the field of electromechanics and industry 4.0, the CILYX group is specialized in the advice and development of production equipment and special machines for different sectors of industry and life sciences. A team of 80 people, including some 65 specialized engineers and technicians, achieves a turnover of more than 10 million euros.
Since its creation, the CILYX group has developed cutting-edge skills that it makes available to major international players in the industry. It supports its customers throughout their industrial projects, from the generation of ideas, the validation of concepts, the production of prototypes, detailed studies, to the equipment industrialization studies.


BEST Louvain-la-Neuve is pleased to present the CPSET platform which participates in the creation of the Innovative Design of the EBEC Local Round 2022! 🤩
CPSET is a shared virtual platform bringing together skills and resources in a context of multi-partnerships involving research centers, universities, colleges and industrialists bringing together R&D resources. The objectives are numerous, we find there the will to facilitate the interactions between actors of the public and industrial research in order to reinforce the technological control and the competences. Also, CPSET wishes to dynamically involve small businesses and start-ups by allowing them to develop their technologies by accessing an open partnership system on different markets.
The platform is built around several themes, including critical embedded systems. This subject concerns digital modeling/simulation and virtual prototyping but also the development of Cyber ​​Physical Systems as well as new cybersecurity tools and processes.


BEST Louvain-la-Neuve presents Netaxis, the partner of our EBEC Local Round 2022 Case Study! 💫
Netaxis is a Belgian company founded in 2010 which is now present internationally and counts among its customers companies from all over the world.
The company is active in the field of telecommunications over IP. Netaxis helps telephone operators to imagine and create the tools essential to the operation of their networks and deploys services allowing its customers to easily control their telephone park through an ergonomic interface. The company also supports its customers in the design of new innovative systems that are difficult to implement and is active in the routing service which makes it possible to manage the challenges of inter-operator communications. Finally, Netaxis extends its skills to the areas of network moinitoring, fraud management and call simulation.